Friday, May 25, 2007


lately, i've noticed how crazy it is that things can change in such a short amount of time. honestly, i didn't think it was even worth trying. but if you never try, then you never know. and i wanted to know. i wanted to know if i could really achieve anything i put my mind to. fortunately, i can gladly say things are all working out fine. (oh, progress report. how you made my day!) the school days are winding down and it just seems like there have been so many days that i just spent doing...well, nothing. disappointing, yes. but i can't do anything about that now.

i love the feeling of being so genuinely happy that i feel like i just wanna burst. (yayy for people who have the same thoughts as me). and it's not just about grades. plus, those still aren't exactly where i want them to be. but yeah. life as a whole is pretty amazing right now. three-day weekend, anyone? yes, please.

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jeff said...

yeah, i'm happy you're happy. I love it when you're happy.