Tuesday, May 15, 2007

not soon enough.

so, um, guess what i just did? ...I LISTENED TO THE ENTIRE NEW MAROON 5 CD!@#$%^&!! ahhhh, they posted their entire cd on mtv: the leak. i went insane went i found out i could listen to it a week before the actual cd came out. AND I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH RIGHT NOW. i honestly, truly believe no one knows how much i want this cd. it's the one thing i want more than anything right now. materialistic, i know. but...whatever! i'm allowed to be every once in a while, right? i think yes. and this is definitely the perfect time for it. tuesday is soooo far away. and i don't even know if i'll have money for it or not :(

but i'll find a way! i must.


shane said...

gay funk :]

athena. said...

you know you love it.

victoria said...

duuuude. im freakin jealous. and im in need for some new souunds, so i think ill go listen to them now! yayyy, ahh, they're so hot in that pictuhh.

p/s ahahah on the bed comment. :)) beach!