Monday, September 10, 2007


"if we BOUGHT the taxi, then we already used the $10k!
and when we sell it back for $100k, we have $140k!
...or $130k?"

"okay, so it's gonna cost about $600 for the paint job per car..."
"whoa, whoa, whoa... didn't we say we're spray painting the taxis?"
"but, that'll look tacky... "
"they're going to be LIME-GREEN COW-SPOTTED! isn't that already tacky?!?"
"uhm... christine, that was kinda supposed to be a secret."
"oh, crap."

"don't you just love making executive decisions?!?"

"or we could paint the cow-spots purple..."
"wait, painting cows purple? isn't that... animal abuse?"
"we're not painting actual COWS!"

hahahaha, i love this class sooo much. you have no idea. christine, tara, and i make the greatest executive decisions ever. we already know what's going down for VE next year. i can't wait :)

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