Thursday, September 13, 2007

live laugh love.

i love life. i love to laugh. i live to love. today was so ridiculously amazing. it's just one of those days where i'm kinda like, my life rocks. i've come to the point where i have no complaints. where school isn't taking over my life. where i sleep earlier because i'm ahead. where the friends i love are there for me. and where everything is just...perfect.

this morning i woke up feeling really really happy. you have no idea. the school day didn't feel so long (after wittman, of course). i realized i love talking to teachers lately. mrs. hale is such an amazing cluster mom (and cupcake maker). mr. ramirez is super easy to talk to about anything (and when i say anything, i mean anything). and mr. ontiveros is indescribable. you don't even understand. and longboarding today with tara and alex all over cypress was so amazing. it was so fun/relaxing. even getting semi-lost in sorrento was fun. i love love love it. you have no idea. i can't wait to get mine. we'll conquer the world together, plus kathleen. and then kimly played really well today! (aw, i'm so proud of you, babe!) i love it when my friends are happy. ahhhhhh :)


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kimlypv said...

awww, i love you.