Friday, September 28, 2007

fun run.

season 4 of the office finally premiered yesterday, which is something i have been anticipating for a while now. and i can definitely say it lived up to my expectations. one whole hour of happiness. meredith getting hit by the car at the beginning of the episode was totally unexpected, yet hilarious at the very same time (which is a reaction michael tends to get from me very often). considering i'm not a cat person, the whole sprinkles situation wasn't all that great to me, but still. dwight is so....i don't even know. haha. i still can't believe what he did to angela's cat. AND PAM AND JIM! ohmygoodness. i love that they're FINALLY dating. eeeeee!! they're that perfect couple that everyone is ridiculously envious of. not even kidding. cute cute cute :) welcome back, dunder mifflin employees. how i missed you!


kimlypv said...

they go together like PB & J! pam beesly and jim. WHAT A WASTE.

athena. said...

haha. PB&J. kevin said that on the show. i love them(:

why is it a waste?