Saturday, September 22, 2007


so yesterday was a super good day. it didn't start out so great cause i woke up late, but whatev. schol started with spencer and that was cool cause i like her. then a pointless nutrition period where i "studied" for the dbq. then...the dbq. and oh my goodness, after that reading the prompt i was ridiculously happy (but i was even happier when i finished). good stuff. french was boring as usual. but i was glad cause my brain (and my hand) needed rest. and cluster was amazing as usual. i'm so in love with having cluster every day. you have no idea. i love mrs. hale. and the big fat comfy rolling chair i get to call mine makes it that much better.

afterschool was fantastic cause i went to starbucks and shane finally bought me my starbucks. which i earned FAIR AND SQUARE, btw. (it was your idea anyway!). got home and did some homework, then went to go pick up kimly for bpm-ing. that was goood. my kimly-time was severely lacking and i was getting very sick of rainchecks, so i was happy.

and then while i was talking to jeff on the phone at around finally started raining! that put a good end to my day. although i don't understand why car alarms always go off after there's thunder. it baffles me.

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