Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Crafty Valentine.

One of the reasons I love holidays so much is because it gives me the chance to get a little crafty and make fun cards for people in my life. Albeit, my crafting skills are nothing to boast about, but I still enjoy coming up with cute ideas and working with all of the random things in my craft box (which, sadly, spends most of its time under my bed collecting dust these days). And I must say, sometimes I do surprise myself with the things my little ol' brain can think up.

This Valentine's Day I whipped up a card for my valentine and it went a little something like this:

Materials I used:
Scrapbook paper
Sheer white ribbon
Burgundy yarn
Scissors, sharpie, pencil, tape.

Optional/highly recommended crafting companion: Cheez-It Snack Mix (just be careful to not get cheese prints on everything... it was definitely an issue for me...)

Voila! My finished project! Spelled out 'love' with yarn, laid out ribbon on the bottom, and cut out a few hearts because, duh, it's Valentine's Day.

On the inside I added a poem that I really enjoy by Lang Leav. You can read it better here:

It's been a good Valentine's Day. I love love!

P.S. Half off Valentine's chocolate tomorrow. Ready to get chocolate wasted.

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