Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Great Food Dump.

So tonight as I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling (weird, I know, but I ran out of distractions to keep me from doing my homework... #struggles) I picked up my phone and started scrolling through the pictures I've taken and realized something: I take A LOT of pictures of the food I eat. Like, A LOT. And it wouldn't be so shocking if I actually did something with these pictures like post them on Instagram (which I sometimes do) or just share them with other people in some form of social media, but strangely I don't. I get my food, take it's picture, then let the picture fly off into the abyss to be forever forgotten while the real life version gets stuffed into another abyss aka my stomach. So anyway, I saw all of these pictures and for some unknown reason felt bad that they were never given the time of day that they deserve so I am now sharing them here. Enjoy!

The One & Only Las Vegas Strip Steak Breakfast Sandwich in all it's glory. (Serendipity, Las Vegas)

Tampopo (hehe) Ramen & Pork Katsu Curry - all for $10! (Tampopo Restaurant, Buena Park)

A taco with grilled cheese is a good taco in my book. These are good tacos. (Puesto, La Jolla)

One of my all time favorite breakfast places. They have AMAZING chai lattes. (Pacific Beach, CA)

The last time the BF and I went to Fig Tree they took an unbearably long time to bring us our food and just as we were about to complain, they brought us out this delicious pecan cake on the house! I was pleased.

Grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes & a side of sweet potato salad. (Gypsy Den, Costa Mesa)

Sushi extravaganza at the best sushi place. (Orange Sushi, Fullerton)

Tried out a new place for dinner one night - food was good, ambiance was awesome. (Cafe Hiro, Cypress)

Petit filet mignon, seasoned mashed potatoes, & creamed spinach. Happy birthday dinner to me! (Fleming's Steakhouse, La Jolla)

And lastly, a salad. Mostly to make me feel better and pretend that I actually eat healthy sometimes. (Tortilla Jo's, Anaheim)

Hooray! Now I'm hungry... way to go, Athena. Way. To. Go.

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