Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Treasures.

I've been wanting to go thrift store shopping for a long, long time now and haven't had a free Sunday to do so untiiiiiilllll - drum roll please - today! So I headed over to Savers (my favorite thrift store in the area) and got myself pumped to pop some tags cause I only had $20 in my pocket. Really though I only had $20..........

Polka Dot Pants $17, Sunglasses $5, London Tee $3, Mint Tee $3
SO, in the above picture the only thing I actually got from Savers was this cool black tee with London graphics on the front. It's actually a men's t-shirt, but I liked it and the price was right so I figured why not. (Other items pictured: the polka dot pants were on sale at GAP, the mint pocket tee is from PacSun, and the sunnies are from the Long Beach Antique Market! They're a cool red-ish brown color and I also got a pair in black. Why? Because I'm a girl and we like to own the same things in different colors, okay?)

GAP Denim Jacket $9, Floral Cardi $4
These next two items I got at Savers as well. As I was looking through the racks the thrift store gods smiled down and bestowed upon me this awesome GAP denim jacket. And for less than $10! I could have died and gone to heaven. Not really because then I'd never get to wear it. Anyway, that was awesome. Then I found a cute sheer floral cardigan for super cheap so that was also awesome. (The cardigan came with shoulder pads, but I'm gonna take those out because sorry I'm not Molly Ringwald.) So my total Savers thrift store shopping total came out to be only $16! 

Amazing handcrafted elephant jewelry box
And then... there was this beauty. I found this little gem during my trip to the Long Beach Antique Market and I debated for what seemed like HOURS on whether or not I should buy it. Conclusion: did not buy. Do I regret it? Yes. But do I need it? No. But do I ever really need anything that I buy? No. Oh well... the price wasn't right ($35), so I had to let it go.

All in all it was a successful bargain hunting weekend! But, ugh, Monday tomorrow. Woe is me.

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kimlypv said...

..Are you kidding me?? I am freaking in love with the pants and floral cardi you found! Jealous of the amazing deals the people around me are capable of finding. Share this luck with me! [Insert THE BIGGEST SIGH EVER]