Thursday, January 25, 2007


and as she walked onto campus at 2:45 for the first time that day, she had a different feeling come over her than she usually did when she came to school. this time, she didn't have to dread the day that lay ahead of her filled with work, lectures, and tests. it was different this time. and she liked it. a lot.

the bell rang as she stepped onto school grounds and she saw the flocks of students rush out of classrooms out into the freedom of the rest of the afternoon. she, of course, knew how they felt. how they just wanted to leave all that work behind them and have some actual fun. how they could really care less about molecules, logarithms, and parallel structure. and how they just needed to escape from the endless droning of teachers that they had to endure day after day. she was glad she finally got her day of rest and relaxation. it was desperately needed.

but it was the first day of her sophomore year that she failed to attend. why? because she felt it was all too much. and the fact that she was sore from her sickness completely crushed her will to get up in the morning. she stayed in bed for what seemed like days, but yet it was nice knowing she finally didn't have to worry about anything for a day. one day. that was all she needed to get away from everything. and that's exactly what she got.

yet, even though she was able to get away from the unsurmountable pile of work that was forced onto her, that meant she had to get away from the good things that came with going to school as well. friends, in particular, are what she missed. but more like what she needed. when she's down, friends are one of the few things that can make her feel better. she went to school not only to get stuff from her locker and teachers, but to see her friends, too. she needed some laughter brought into her system and her friends have yet to fail in bringing her such laughter.

and now, she is no longer sick. a day off, being able to see her friends, hugs from everyone that missed her that day, and a darn good piece of apple pie has cured her of all soreness, sickness, and grumpiness. thank you to all who have made her feel needed because they couldn't stand a school day without seeing her. she gives you many thank yous.


rona`bona said...

i really really really did miss you today.

Jeff said...

Yes!!! you are finally cured. You get over sicknesses really fast. I was sick for over 20 days. at least it wasn't as extreme as your's. See you tomorrow.

kimlypv said...

pie helps a lot.