Sunday, January 14, 2007

tell them.

sometimes, i feel like i take what i have for granted. personally, i know that i am grateful for all of the people who have been there for me in some way or another and for everything i am lucky enough to have, but i always wonder whether or not those people question my respect and love for them. i don’t always wear my heart on my sleeve so sometimes it may seem like i’m not thankful. and i don’t always know how to express my gratitude. it can range from a simple smile to a big hug, but whichever i give to you, i hope you know that i will always be thankful for everything anyone does to help me. no matter if it’s just picking up my pencil for me, or if it’s for staying up with me while i do my homework.

and a wise word to all those out there who love and respect someone. never be afraid to tell them how you feel about them. you never know when that person may not be there for you anymore. think about it. if your best friend moved away today, would you be satisfied with everything you’ve told them? or would you feel as if you’re holding something back that you need to tell them? otherwise they’ll never know how much they mean to you. if you lost your mom tomorrow, would you be satisfied with yourself knowing she left this world with the knowledge of all the love you had for her? and if for some reason you had to leave everyone you loved tonight, would you be happy knowing that they were grateful for you because of all of the help you gave them? or would you question day after day how someone felt about you?

in this world of ours, it is impossible to read someone else’s mind. we never know what another person is thinking unless we ask them or they tell us. so, if there’s something you need to tell someone, go ahead and tell them. no matter how awkward it may be, everyone likes knowing they are loved by someone in the world, they are respected by someone, and they are an inspiration to someone. every girl likes being told they’re beautiful, every kid likes being praised, and every parent likes to hear an ’i love you’ come from their child’s mouth. so, tell your parents you love them, let your friends know they keep you going, and never take anything for granted. hold nothing back, my friends. nothing.


rona`bona said...

we never ask, we never tell,
how will we know who's doing well?

thats still one of my favorites.

Albert Lowe said...

oye, i am soo sorry, i feel horrible

forgive albert please