Wednesday, January 24, 2007


has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, you complain too much? too much worry and stress put into things that won’t even matter when you look at the big picture. i’ve realized that lately i, myself, have been complaining too much about utter nonsense. did my parents not teach me that when life gets you down you don’t complain or whine, but you do something about it? oh, but they did. this is too hard. ask for help. there are too many people here. go somewhere else. i have a humongous headache. go lie down. my grades are despicable. try harder. i mean, is it really that hard to take care of yourself?

…but maybe that’s just it. we’ve come to rely on other people to bring us joy, happiness, comfort, security, and so many other things that we’ve completely disowned our own capability of doing those things for ourselves. we sit around moping all day hoping someone out there will come in, take the reins, and turn our horrible day into something so much better. for once, don’t wait for someone to make you happy. do something for yourself and have the satisfaction of knowing you did something worthwhile instead of just complaining about it all day.

if you think about it, you’re bad mood could possibly affect other people’s moods. when you’re sad, you can make someone else sad because they hate seeing you so depressed. when you’re happy, you could light up an entire room. when you’re scared, you could make someone else build up their courage and put their brave face on so they can do all they can to protect you. and if you’re sitting there thinking that there’s no chance on mars that you could actually have that type of power over someone, think again. you’re actions can have more power to alter situations more than you think they can. someone out there loves you enough to be affected by the simple expression on your face. don’t be intimidated by this ability though. don’t worry, be happy. that’s all you have to do.

and you call this nonsense? well go ahead and be depressed. but just remember, there are people in this world who have things that are actually worth complaining about.


Albert Lowe said...

my grades are despicable. try harder.

simply brilliant

rona`bona said...

what if you've lost motivation to make yourself happy?

athena. said...

well, then it's time to come to athena.