Thursday, July 12, 2007


first of all, i'd like to point out that our committee severely lacks in the hearing department...

rona: do you think her wall is high?
me: WHO?!?

becky: *talking to a bug in the pool* come here!
gaby: JAVIER?!?
(...we then proceeded to name every bug we found in that area.)

turning into mermaids every full moon. horsey races. handstand contests. vibrating pool thingamawhatever. life...person. lifeGUARD?!? jacuzzi. jets. repetitive radio songs. WALK IT OUTTT. comfy floating devices. kelsy's sunglasses!<3 gaby's bubbles. spinning in circles. pizza. tacos. cake. fries. flies. bee stings. burning. tanning. self-timer. and of course..."yay vaginas!" haha. good thing rona's not a guy ;)

i have an insane swimsuit tan. but that's okay. as rona said, it was worth it.

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rona`bona said...

indeeeed. TOTALLY worth it :D