Thursday, July 05, 2007

the little things.

and as she sat in her room diligently working on her summer homework, she realized something funny. although she had been doing the same thing yesterday hour after hour, it was the little things that got her through it. the simplest things in life can go sadly unnoticed, when they really shouldn’t be…

whether it be the text messages that made her smile, the myspace comment that made her laugh, the wish she made at 11:11 that made her really happy, the 50 minute phone call with a friend she sincerely missed, or merely an unexpected (but gladly taken) 30 second phone call from a friend in michigan wishing her a happy fourth of july, all of these things made her wonder if she took too many things for granted. the accumulation of these little things throughout the day made it a good day. a really good day despite the homework.

but it’s simply a good day for her if she knows she’s made someone else’s day. a simple text message she sent to a friend wishing them a happy fourth seemed to do just that. (‘Thanks Athena! I hope you had a great fourth too! You really made my day, thanks again.’) it’s things like that that make her glad knowing the things she does aren’t going to waste.

in a sense, the little things aren’t necessarily as little as we make them out to be. they can always turn out to be so much more and possibly the biggest thing of the day. because sometimes all it takes is a nice compliment to turn someone’s day around. a smile from a stranger to give someone hope. a 25 cent bracelet to make you laugh (in a genuine way, i promise christina.) or simply knowing someone looks forward to seeing you. so even though the hair tie we lend out and may never get back or the papers we pick up for someone after they’ve been blown out of their hands by the wind may not seem like it matters much, it does.

because, really, that’s all it takes.

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Anonymous said...

and its the littlest things that can save a persons life..