Friday, July 27, 2007


so these past three days have been pretty tiring, but fun nonetheless. (partly because i haven't touched my summer assignment at all within this time period. muahaha.) so here's the play-by-play:

on tuesday i was home doing absolutely nothing except sitting (well, lying really) in front of the television, slowly rotting away. until kimly, the lifesaver that she is (literally now. HAHAH.), calls me and asks me to come over. so i head over there within the next 20 or so minutes and we watched what i like about you for a little while. then we ate some of vincent's going away cake, but ran out of milk so we walked to walgreens to get some. it was ridiculously hot and it seemed like her house kept getting farther and farther away. but we survived. so after refreshing ourselves with milk, we proceeded to watch breakfast at tiffany's with kimly reciting lines from her favorite scenes being the audrey hepburn fanatic she is :) then afterwards we watched serendipity. such a good movie! alksjfa; i loved it. it had been a while since i watched a good chick-flick. i went home at around 7 or 8. i can't really remember. and the rest of the night was kind of a blur.

wendnesday i went to the oc fair with christina, victoria, jeff, and ryan. it was fun, but really, really hot. lots of walking was done, rides were ridden, really good fried zucchini was eaten, and shows were watched. the hypnotist show we watched was sooo funny. that shakira bit was a tad disturbing though. haha. after standing in that planter for so long, the balls of my feet started to hurt, but i guess that's what i get for wearing flip-flops. haha. me and victoria went back to jeff's house afterwards and played aggravation(?). jeff won. haha. and then we ended the night with brain regan. goooood stuff.

now thursday was jameson's sixteenth birthday. exciting in itself, no? so me, jeff, and melissa went over to his house for a little celebration and hanging out. watched them play video games, scoured jameson's room, watched the turtle walk around, played skip-bo (jeff won. haha.), ate pizza, watched parts of sleepy hollow, and then decided to go miniature golfing. it was way fun, but it's a good thing we didn't keep score. haha. on the way the way there jeff had a bit of an overdramatic reaction when we passed the entrance to camelot. HAHAHAHHAHA. the hand gesture was priceless. soo funny. wooo. but then melissa and i forgot to mock him all night with it :( haha. oh well. we stayed at camelot for so long. i think we got there at around 7:30 and we left at 10:00. two and a half hours of mini-golfing. now that's intense. then when we came back we had some ice cream and jameson opened his super cool present. then when i came home, i opened the freezer and found some ben&jerry's waiting for me. haha. so of course, i couldn't resist. what a perfect ending to an already perfect day.

and as for today, i haven't really done much of anything. but that's okay. yay for doing more stuff tomorrow. i love summer!

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