Sunday, July 15, 2007


anvoanvoanvoanvo (1:02:22 AM): are you prepared to hear a whole lot of mush
xUHTHEENUH (1:02:46 AM): mush away
anvoanvoanvoanvo (1:09:50 AM): she's my best friend. i didn't have a best to turn to for a long time. my friends were cool, but who'd be there for me? good thing she was. you don't know exactly how warm a person is until you fall in love. i ran two miles to a vons and back, (had a very fun time doing it) to get her some shoelaces, because hers weren't doing so well. you don't know how lucky you are until you fall in love. i underestimate her all the time. she's there when i need and does what i ask. she let me borrow her ds for the trip to san jose. you don't know how it feels to have your heart stop and sigh until you fall in love.

my one night back on aim brought me many wise words. an and i talked for about two hours. about life in general. regrets. summer. favorites/bests. hands and feet. friends and lovers. it was interesting. getting opinions from a guy's point of view is always a nice change.

and as i layed in bed that night slowly falling asleep, i realized something: my shoelaces are holding up pretty darn well.


Rona said...

an vo is amazing.

cmagaloooona said...

all your blogs are really enlightening.

kind of disturbing.



athena. said...



that was supposed to mean
YOU'RE disturbing. didn't work out
so well.


let's get dowwwn.