Sunday, July 01, 2007

jordan alexander wininger.

aw, he's so adorable! as of today, jordan is officially 2 weeks old (since 1:44 pm). and he was born on father's day! haha. good father's day present, don't you think? and by far, i think he is the most well behaved newborn i have ever met. he hardly ever cried. and it was funny cause whenever he did start to cry, his mom would be like, "yes! cry harder!". just to make sure he wasn't gonna grow up mute or something. hahaha. everyday he was passed from person to person cause everyone wanted to hold him all the time. dennis said he should start charging $5 to everyone who wanted to carry him. haha. and when i held him, he was the softest thing ever. ah, i love babies! except i've realized that when i have mine, i'm scared i'm not gonna wake up in the middle of the night when the baby cries. cause i didn't wake up a single time when i spent the night there. and i was in the same room as him! haha. oh well. i guess it's a maternal thing...

did i mention how adorable he is?! he got the hiccups (or hickieboos as his dad liked to call them) like 12 million times a day. it's cute watching a baby hiccup :D and sneeze, too. that sounds a bit strange....but whatever.

alright, so here's the trippy thing about this whole deal. you know how i said jordan was my cousin? well, he's not. he's my mom's cousin. and apparently, that makes him my uncle. weird, right?!? yeah. i thought so, too. but i don't mind having a two week old uncle :) as long as i don't have to change my uncle's diapers...AWKWARD.

so his parents are odette and dennis wininger. odette is my mom's aunt, making her my great-aunt. and she's only 31. haha. this is what happens when my great-grandma has twelve kids. chaos! but fun chaos :) dennis is a marine and he was stationed in iraq for 11 months (collectively). the first time was for 7 months and the second time was for 4. pretty intense. and he went to boot camp with tom hanks' nephew. haha. and you can see the father/son resemblance already...

haha. so that's the newest (and first) baby wininger. and the newest member of the clan. hooray! :)


maggaaaloonnaaa said...

what a CUTIE (:

just another reminder of how painful pregnancy is. HAHAHA i'm KIDDING!! no, but really, it's gonna hurt.

it's okay that he's your uncle.
remember pepe and jami? that's my aunt and uncle. ew, thinking about it, my "cousin," ethan, is my uncle too and he's 4 -___________- awkward.

i'm really bored & summer's going by kind of fast.

ColorSkittles said...

man I WANT A BABY!!! =[