Wednesday, July 04, 2007


suuuch a good movie :) it kind of felt like it was dragging on at the end (it was a two and a half hour movie...), but that's okay. and there were soo many people there. our theater wasn't full, but the lines were soo long to get in. yayy for choosing to watch this over ratatouille! (but i still wanna watch it!! and oceans, and license to wed, and harry potter, and...well, yeah. there are a lot of good movies out!)

aw, i miss shia labeouf in even stevens. i liked that show. haha. too bad they stopped playing it on disney channel...


cmagizzle foshizzle said...

awww jeez.
coming out of ocean's i saw the line for transformers. i wanna watch it too (:

hey. let's watch license to wed.

wen and where is the meeting friday? maybe i'll invite myself and just go hehehe. and then movies? aw. that'd be nice.

i miss my fwends ):

hey hey you you said...

i don't like your girlfriend...



just thought i'd tell you i'd wish i'd seen ratatouille with you..hahaha..because of our immature humor, we'd have been crackingg up the entire time..

it opens with an old lady shooting a rifle was good..

if you ever go, wouldn't mind watching it again -hint hint-

<33 christinaaa (again)