Saturday, April 12, 2008

lights, camera...

and...action. throngs of people brush past her. faces become a blur, but she focuses here and there. she watches them. some somber, some cheerful, others pensive or arguing. but at the same time all human. the time and place she doesn't remember. it probably wasn't significant anyway. what was important was how she felt.

the movement coming from every which way had her feeling preoccupied. but she wasn't doing anything except standing there. feet planted on the ground - watching. she wasn't sure what she was looking for though. maybe she was waiting for something to surprise her. but somehow she knew she was supposed to be standing there. standing in that exact spot and watching. somehow she knew something would come.

it was like she was watching some weird form of a movie made about her life - past, present, and future - right before her eyes. the only thing was that...she wasn't in it. still standing there, she looked for herself. maybe just someone that resembled her. someone that was pretending to be her. but she was never found.

she stood there, God only knows for how long, and still waited. it was as if she was standing behind the scenes of her own life. then finally, it came. the thing she had been waiting for. a little girl, probably around 3 or 4, was standing about twenty feet in front of her. she was eating an ice cream cone and had apparently been watching her for some time; just watching her stand there. when the little girl saw that she finally realized she was watching her, she stopped eating her ice cream cone. they stared at each other for a second, then the little girl walked up to her and whispered, "my mommy always told me if i ever got lost not to be scared. just look around. you'll find your way."

then she walked away. end scene.

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