Sunday, April 06, 2008


i feel...very strange right now. in a not good kind of way. my head has been feeling lightheaded all day and now it's just starting to hurt. while i was watching conference this morning, i was listening to holland (i think it was) speak and suddenly...there was two of him. maybe i was just getting tired. who knows. but my nap didn't help at all this afternoon. it was around an hour (from 5 to 6) and i probably would've slept longer if i hadn't gotten a phone call. but when i'm up, i'm up and the weird feeling still didn't go away.

the continuous staring directed at my computer screen probably isn't helping, but that's not my fault. blame whoever invented the multi-genre paper.

...then throw rocks at him. large ones. then he'll get to see how it feels to be lightheaded.

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Jeff said...

Sorry about the phone call. I was dieing of boredom.