Sunday, April 13, 2008


"i caught the sun!"

ice cream is my best friend. it's just too good. simple breezes coming through my window seriously keep me from passing out. this weather change is ridiculous. although, i probably wouldn't think it was as ridiculous if i had spent this weekend at the beach. oh well. late start tomorrow morning. how nice. late starting ever monday morning next year. how nice times fifty million. ihop will become our second home. yum. longboarding needs to be done soon. can't wait until summer. i've been sneezing all day. darn you, spring allergies. i really want some more ice cream right now. i can't find my silver earrings. oh well. you know what that means.


kimlypv said...

hahha, i just love how your love of ice cream just GREW so much in these last few days. least, that's what it seems like. haha.

athena. said...

have you noticed the heat the past couple of days? haha.