Monday, April 07, 2008


sweet home. i haven't had a day off in a while. it's nice. but at the moment i'm a little bored. so, of course, i resort here. my head is better, but when i woke up my stomach wasn't all that thrilled. no idea what's going on with me, but all seems well now. hopefully it will stay this way.

seeing as my brain is now on and functioning, i can better reflect on the world and not be so bitter towards it (see post below). one thing i noticed is that i like hearing birds chirp in the morning. if you know me, you probably know i'm not a big fan of birds. but when i'm lying in bed in the morning and nowhere near enough to them to be picked as their target for a toilet, they're not that bad. (but it's definitely weird hearing birds chirp at 11:30 at night. those were some seriously confused creatures).

interesting note #2: mothers have a strange psychic ability that i will never be able to figure out. (until i become one, i guess?). but really. it's cool and weird all at the same time. i woke up this morning and when i opened my eyes i kind of just laid there for a few seconds then i sat up trying to figure out if i was feeling better. and as soon as i sat up, my mom walked in my room and goes, "are you feeling better?" no idea how she knew i was awake, but she did. and they always seem to know where every single little thing is. even when i think that my mom wouldn't know where that something is in a million years, i ask her anyway cause i'm usually proven wrong.

in conclusion, the birds are chirping and my mom just walked into the house. the only thing i'm concluding from this is that i need to make a birdhouse for my mom. looks like my brain is shutting down again. blast!


kimlypv said...

wow...i HATE the sound of birds chirping in the morning. cause i'm a horrible person like that. iono...the birds that live outside of my window do not make pretty noises. they always sound like they're ready to attack.

Jeffrey said...

I only like the sound of birds in the morning when I'm camping. Otherwise, they need to be quiet and let me sleep.