Friday, April 25, 2008


i think melted twix might just be better than a normal twix. i did not enjoy writing that synthesis essay today. seriously, architecture? should've done what vicky did and just wrote to myself. i've decided, i am completely in love with our apush shirts. like....really. i don't think you can fully comprehend how happy it makes me. weird, right? yeah, cause i just realized what i wrote. whatever. walking to dairy queen in the heat for a $2 sundae is always worth it (as long as i have a car ride back). i watched a baseball game with kimly today. reminded me of last year and how much we used to hang out. i need more kimly time. i can't stop listening to this freaking song. dude, prom is less than a month away. that's a little scary. my pinky toe hurts. i need water. "better yourselves!"


rOnaMaGlian said...

have you listened to david sides' piano version? i put that on repeat when i do hw. hahaha. its so soothing. i used to love that song too. mmmmmm.

Gardagami said...

See Please Here