Thursday, April 03, 2008

a viking story.

the funniest thing ever happened today in cluster....

earlier in the week mrs. hale had told us that we were supposed to have a fire drill today during cluster, so i was already not looking forward to it. fire drills = total waste of my life. anyway, we're all in cluster and after mrs. hale took roll we just waited to be dismissed to the field. me, tara, and ryoo were in the back of the room just chilling and talking about how lame this was and whatnot and mrs. hale came and joined us in our little whine-fest. talked for a while, blah, blah, blah, and then basically everyone in our cluster declared ourselves burned to a crisp. we had already been waiting for almost 20 minutes.

so then ryoo calls andrew and brian over and we decide to play a game. we (me, ryoo, andrew, tara, brian, kat, kevin, and mrs. hale in the background) start playing viking. it's just like the tree chopping game, but in this one, one person is the "viking" and pretends to have a crown on his head. he shakes his hands above his head and throws the crown to a different person. and the two people next to the person that is the viking has to pretend to be rowing the boat. a very vital part of this game (and to the story) is that the person who is the viking has to make crazy grunting noises before he "throws" the crown.

so we start playing and get really into it. everyone is grunting like mad people and we're cracking up so hard. then all of a sudden we see the janitor come into the room from one of the doors. at this point we're still grunting like crazy and then we hear the other door open and in walks.........mrs. scott. all of us who are playing see her and freeze. i honestly wanted to burst out laughing soo badly.

mrs. scott wonders what we're doing in here and mrs. hale tells her we were waiting to be dismissed. turns out we were the first ones they told to go out to the field. who knew? not us.

so we walk out to the field and apparently the entire school was waiting for us. and as we walked out, everyone just started clapping. hahaha. kind of embarrassing, but we could really care less. once we got in our spot we just started playing again. haha.


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