Saturday, November 11, 2006

can i go back, please?

If ever there is tomorrow
And we’re not together..
There is something you must
Always remember:
You are braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is,
Even if we’re apart..
I’ll always be with you.
-Winnie the pooh

oh, how i wish to be six again, when advice was easier to give and take. when drama was when someone got more sprinkles on their ice cream than i did. and when the only thing we'd have to worry about was getting cooties. i miss playing outside with my neighbors until the porch lights came on. now, i sit inside at night doing homework and i'm the one who actually turns on the porch light. who would have ever imagined i'd be that person? at six i may have imagined the boogey monster under my bed and some other monster in my closet or running around the house, but i always had my dad to scare them away. but now i'm older; i have to face my problems myself. but i can't just scare them away this time. i actually have to get rid of them. otherwise, they'll just come back to haunt me. growing up isn't all that bad though. i mean, more freedom, right? right. but, of course, then comes more responsibility. there's always a catch. i wish i was six again so that coloring in the lines would be my top priority once more. no more stress. less worries. more fun. but at fifteen, i can do this. i was wrong when i said i had to face my problems alone, cause i don't. hello, athena. remember those people that have always been there for you no matter what? those people you don't have to try to impress? the ones you look to for support, understanding, courage, guidance, strength, forgiveness, love, and trust? yeah, they're there. 24/7. best friends, the ones that you feel like you've known since you were six. or basically, your whole life. okay, i'm good. just keep reminding me.


rona`bona said...

oh athena.

you are one of those ppl who keep me alive.

i love that picture btw (:

Jeff:) said...

Hey we'll always be here for you. no matter what. it will be just like kindergarden. no judgment, no hatred, just friends after a week of school remember. and we didn't even need to be in kindergarden. We all came together to give each other the friendship we needed and the shoulder to cry on. So if you ever feel down come to one of us. OR better yet.. your family cuss they LOVE YOU!!! Who doesn't!? haha be strong and never go alone.

Anonymous said...

i never colored inside the lines. does that make me weird? =/

bobo said...

Just a little, Kimly .

With great power,
comes great responsibility .

I like how quickly you changed your mind .. P

You keep me alive too .

I'm jealous of all your friends

Why is six so memorable ?