Friday, November 24, 2006

the game of life.

you want to know what living life to it's fullest actually is? it's waking up monday morning with no complaints. it's knowing you always deserve to laugh. it's doing what feels right, no matter what. it's doing what you want no matter how stupid you look. but what it's mostly about is this: it's about being youself - because no one can tell you you're doing it wrong.

for some reason, i don't feel as if i've been living life to the fullest. i feel like i've been missing things, missing opportunities. have i been trying my hardest at everything i do? no. but have i been happy? yes. is there something wrong with that? i mean, as long as i'm happy everything will be alright, right? i sure hope so. life is good. oh, but, it could be better. dang school and the sudden sense of apathy it brings. but i shall be victorious, life. you'll see. i'm good at games.


kimlypv said...

amen, sister.

rona`bona said...

too true.

JEFFREY said...

You will suceed at life. Everyone knows it. even though you don't like your grades. That's why we have Quarter grades, so we can get scared out of our pants :) that way we will get great grades at semester.... (I HOPE SO :()

Albert Lowe said...

hmm, i really agree with you here

and jeff, too