Thursday, November 23, 2006

much obliged.

thank you, first and foremost, for being there for me. night and day. rain or shine. always. thank you for the hugs. that contagious laughter. the smiles from across the room. the high fives. the 'hi' as we walk past each other in the hallway. the food. the support. the skittles. the random compliments. your sheer randomness. the 'thank you's. the cuteness. the weird nicknames. the aimless wandering. the corny jokes. the late night talks. liking my voice on my answering machine. for caring. the water. the homework help. liking me for me. for understanding me. for not judging me. the necklace. the thousands of pictures. the sharing. the generosity. singing to me online. keeping this going. watching over me. showering me with your affection. letting me rant. running with me. skipping with me. walking with me. running in circles with me. keeping me warm. the inside jokes. spoiling me. loving me. for just listening to me. for the music. making me feel special. acting like the big brother i never had. letting me win. telling me i'll always be number one. staying up with me. guiding me. saying my hair smells nice. the unconditional love. the e-mails. the surprises. your dedication. for the ability to make me happy under any circumstance. for being on my side. reminding me to wish. asking me how i am. showing me i am capable of anything. giving me someone to make happy. pushing me (figuratively and literally). letting me cry. sitting with me. giving me someone to look up to. giving me hope. watching tv with me. the encouragement. sharing my obsessions. the movie marathons. for calling me your favorite. for calling me. being my better half. accepting my apologies. thanking me. noticing me. and last, but not least, thank you for your consideration.


Jeffrey said...

i see some things in here that are about me. But then, there are other things that are obviously not me. is this generally friends? It seams so ok goodnight and happy thanksgiving. HOPE IT WAS THE BEST!!!

athena. said...

haha, yes. it's generally friends (plus family). but there is a lot in there that has to do with you. :)

btw, thanks for that AMAZING thanksgiving e-mail.

kimlypv said...