Thursday, November 02, 2006

one of those days.

- woke up late and rushed to school.
- left my euro homework in the printer, which i stayed up until one in the morning doing.
- forgot to bring a jacket and was freezing to death in the morning.
- got hit and knocked down twice during football.
- my jaw hurts immensely and the bruise next to my eye is blue and hurts without me even touching it.
- cried twice during school.
- basically failed my frq.
- presented powerpoint in hale even though i wasn't ready and i really didn't want to.
- found out my latest chemistry grade.
- came home, took an unplanned nap until 5:30, and slept through the jv game without knowing it.
- recieved a major guilt trip.
- cried once more. total = 3.

key points?
1. i'm sorry i disappointed you. i told you i'd be there and i wasn't. i'm sorry.
2. i now feel like crying over the tiniest little things.
3. things were so perfect with life, why does this all have to happen at one time?

it's like one big smack in the face. and to top it all off, i still have homework to do. whatever, i give up.

- just about the crappiest day in...ever.

= i need pie. oh, and friends would be helpful, too.


Ron said...

pie is a great idea on crap-tastic days. or cheescake or chocolate. friends are always the cherry on whatever dessert you decided to take with your blue feelings. hope you made an order for a few of these things!

c-magalona said...

heard about the stuff in p.e, tho i do have hauge, we go to oxford and word travels fast.

sorry you had such a bad day..

you know if you ever need a jacket (or a friend) i'm here. there.

somewhere. or something like that.

smile athena!

-christina magalona-

kimlypv said...


Albert Lowe said...

i apologize if i caused you any extra pain during chemistry

hope you have a better day tommorow

smile :-)

rona`bona said...

glad to know i could help you today.

loove you much athenaaa.
we go through things at the same times remember? and we feel the same way at the same times?
if athena is sad, rona is sad.
if athena is hurt, rona is hurt too.
we shall win tomorrow in pe (:


priya said...

awww i lovee you athena anduiza. =)ii shall cheeer you up at the CONCERT!!!