Tuesday, November 28, 2006


yes, the happiness of the concert has yet to wear off after two full days. it was definitely a night to remember. i mean, come on. dave melillo, cute is what we aim for, AND hellogoodbye all in one concert. how freaking amazing is that?! too amazing, i tell you. priya and i couldn't get over how close we were to them. it was incredible. reggie and the full effect i'm not too fond of, but hellogoodbye coming on after them couldn't have made up for it any better. waiting for what seemed like ages while the bands transitioned was totally worth it. i don't even know how to describe the night. it was sooo... asdfghjkl;!!! eeeeeee :) hellogoodbye closed with here in your arms (duh..), but when they got off stage, the entire crowd starting cheering for one more song. they cheered and cheered, but it finally died down. theeeen, he comes back out!!! and he not only does one more song, but TWO!! ahhhhh. oh, it is love and touchdown turnaround. i was sooo happy. you don't even know. we got lucky, cause it was the last show of the tour. so it was the crazy one... where anything goes. and, oh, did it go. i.. just... :D *sigh* Forrest Kline, you melted my heart that night :)

and, of course, the band shirts. impossible to resist. muahahha.


SHANE BOY said...

you're posts make me gag. hellogoodbye... what kind of band name is that?!? its like saying hello we are the umm... iono... well GOODBYE!!! GHEY!!! PURE GHEYNESS!!! other than that. you need better taste of music. wanna listen to miines??

SHANE BOY said...

your** :]

PHiL0PHiLiAC said...

don't listen to shane .
your taste is fine .

although i must say
their band name is questionable .

how'd they come up with that ?