Tuesday, December 12, 2006


alarm. wake up. snooze. alarm. off. wake up. shower. dress. blow dry. eat. brush teeth. shoes. backpack. car. drive. kiss. school. locker. hot chocolate. locker rooms. change. run. change. parlez francais. storytime. get confused. the past. business. lunch. friends. socialize. sarcasm. chemistry. stairs. locker. hug. call. home. iPod. homework. family. dinner. phone. homework. computer. blog. sleep. dream. repeat.

missing one of these things can really throw a girl off... and boy, did it throw me off.


Anonymous said...

this is rona...stupid thing wont let me log in. haha

athena this picture just totally made my day.

athena. said...

&that's what i'm here for :)

SHANE BOY said...

soo... what did you miss? the hot chocolate? hug? or phone? HAHAHAH juss playin. athena!!!!