Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a year from now.

and where will we be a year from now? a year older and 365 days wiser. we're hoping for the latter, but nothing is ever guaranteed. will i still be at oxford? will i have made new friends? created an enemy? or simply just realized the true meaning of friends and enemies? will i be taller? will i have a new favorite color? will i have found a new passion for myself? will i be broke? will i be happy? will all of my wishes made on 11:11 have finally come true? will i fall in love? will my hair be longer? or even shorter than it is now? will i have braces? will the promises i have kept be fulfilled? will i know how to drive? will i have found my soulmate? ...and will i like myself a year from now?

three-hundred sixty-five days. that's a pretty long time. a long time to change. make ourselves better. improve ourselves. there's always the other way we could change, too. we could all take a turn for the worst. and i really wonder how i'll be a year from now. i'm not the type of person that changes much from year to year, but i change nonetheless. somehow, i'm different. a year ago, i had just gotten to know new people at a new school. i never would have guessed how each of those people would affect my life and who i am right now. changes can be very unpredictable. and even now, i still don't know how i've changed. maybe for the better, but i'm not even sure of that. i just hope that 525,600 minutes from now i'll be a better person. that's all i can ask for. for now.


kimlypv said...

i was waiting for a while for you to use the 525, 600 minutes.

PHiL0PHiLiAC said...

seasons of love .


nice picture .

shane said...

if you did the math, i salute you