Thursday, December 28, 2006

volume 1.

Breaking News for the Bored:
when using the T9 feature while text messaging, a strange and unusual phenomenon has been occurring spotlighting similarities of certain words, meaning the letters that correspond with the numbers used to write a word could be decoded or scrambled to reveal other words that bare an uncanny resemblance to the original text. of course einstein’s theory of relativity proves that everything is related, i find it amusing to do my own research to back him up, in case you had your doubts.

each number on a phone represents three letters that can be used to type. the number 9 has four. when i type in the numbers 5683, it spells “love.” but that’s not all it spells. i could also have spelled the word “loud.” love can sometimes be loud, right? to love is to project in some way, similar to that of being loud. coincidence? it also spells “Jove.” Jove is the greek equivalent to Zeus. that’s right, almighty Zeus. in roman mythology, Jove would be called Jupiter. king of the gods, and now refers to the largest planet in our solar system. is love not loud and often times the largest thing in our local system?

more righteousness coming up as soon as I think of it.

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kimlypv said...

hahaha. someone has waaay too much time on her hands to think of such interesting ideas. you know what that means, right? we must hang. yes, it's a new word out on the street that all of the young kids are using these days. let's try it out, yes?