Tuesday, December 12, 2006


remember the shadow game we used to play at recess? or shadow tag? whatever you want to call it. basically, when it's that time of day when your shadow is able to be seen, you run around trying to tag each others' shadows by stepping on it, yes? but whenever it rained or it was an overcast, cloudy kind of day, you couldn't go out and play cause your shadow wasn't there. absolutely no fun.

in our lives, we have those people that are only there next us, supporting us, during the good moments. they're there to help you have fun and create more fun for you. they make your sunny days sunnier and the songs you sing a little sweeter. but then when the rain comes, the tears fall, and all you can hear is the sound of thunder ringing in your ears, they disappear. the clouds cover your light, and with that light they're gone. you look next to you and all you see is a puddle from the rain with your reflection staring back at you. you; the only person left. not even an umbrella to keep you from catching a cold. i guess we all need someone who will hold up that umbrella for us in the rain to keep us from drowning. and even in the sun, cause too much sun can burn you pretty badly...so don't be my shadow please and leave me when i need you. be my umbrella-holder. and i'll help you hold it too. besides, those umbrella hats you wear on your head are quite ridiculous. i'd rather not have to resort to that.


rona said...

i absolutely abhor water when its falling from the sky.

PHiL0PHiLiAC said...

i disagree .
i love the rain .
i must have written some 500 words for you explaining why, and copied them all expecting that netscape would close like it so much loves to do, and guess what . it did close . and apparently copying it doesn't even work anymore . so everything is gone . what cruel form of injustice is this !
where's the rain when i need it, to wash away these tears .

Shak Daddy said...

ill hold ur umbrella anytime