Wednesday, December 12, 2007

divide and conquer.

despite what everyone may say, i think it's healthy to have an anxiety attack every once in a while. i know, i know. sounds absurd, right? well, then i guess for the time being let's just say i'm only talking about myself. so let's rephrase: i think it's healthy for me to have an anxiety attack every once in a while. why, you ask? simply because it puts everything into perspective for me. i force myself to think about every little thing i'm worrying about and break it all down. find out all my problems then get myself to a solution.

i had one of these healthy little panic trips today and i'm not exactly sure how it started. it was more in my mind than spoken aloud though. i think it's better that way. i went through the motions of thinking it all out and i'm pretty sure i've got it all settled. i took everything i needed to work on, figured out how i got there in the first place, why i was still there, and how i needed to get out of there, and voila! end freak out.

it may be easier said than done, but we'll see where i land.

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