Sunday, December 09, 2007

sixteen, going on seventeen.

i shall take a break from reading this oh-so intriguing (no sarcasm intended) scarlet letter and wish a very special someone a happy seventeenth birthday because, well, she is just that important.

ah, kimly. seventeen long years has gone by with you gracing this world with your wonderful presence. apparently, being seventeen is now considered old (especially to a certain math teacher). and yet, to a guy who tries to sell us a magic nail thingamajigger, his mouth begs the question "why so young?" once we utter our ages. you may be only a month and some odd days older than me, but in my eyes, you are many years wiser. from one passing day to another, you never fail to teach me something new. be it something utterly insignificant to the naked eye or a tidbit that makes me wonder so much more about the life i'm living, you never cease to amaze me.

have a happy birthday, love.

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