Saturday, December 08, 2007

pet peeve.

last night i realized something that really really bugged me. first off, i'm not much of a gum chewer. i don't think i ever was. and if i was, it was more so in junior high than it is now. but anyway, gaby gave me a piece of gum on thursday and i didn't feel like chewing it in physics, so i saved it for later. and then yesterday, before i left for the choir show, i remembered i had it. i wasn't hungry enough to eat, so i just stuck the gum in my mouth. this was at 6:30. i left at around 7:00 and the gum was already losing taste. then i got to cook auditorium and still had the gum in my mouth. show started...still chewing. by the time it got around to the third or fourth number, the gum was already dead. like...dead dead. no taste whatsoever dead. i hate dead gum. and what i hate even more is not having somewhere to spit it out. it just sat in my mouth for the rest of the show. dead. it was like chewing rubber (not that i would know what chewing rubber tastes like, but i'm pretty sure it would taste like that gum. maybe better).

i guess i left the wrapper at home, so i looked through my bag to see if i had anything i could use, but found nothing. it was really annoying having that piece of gum in my mouth for so long. 4 hours!! ridiculous, i tell you. and i'm completely against sticking gum underneath chairs and desks and any other place that some innocent person could find (which is another huge pet peeve), so i never considered doing that. anyway, what did i learn from this? gum ain't that great.


christina magalona said...

so tragic.

it happens to even the best of us.

i'll add it to the list of things that can't be controlled:
1. weather
2. traffic
3. gum losing its flavor

the world's so unfair sometimes. haha.

athena. said...

4. talking to you.
that can't be controlled either.
it happens.
...then it ends.

so tragic. NOT.

haha. just kidding. you're alright.

...ALL RIGHT. whatever.