Saturday, December 01, 2007

it's a beautiful morning.

i wake up to the smell of my mom's french toast running through the house and into my room. i place my glasses on my head and find a fresh batch sitting on the kitchen table. oh, how i love her french toast. as i savor this delicious morning treat, i find notting hill playing on tv. how perfect could that be? my mom's french toast and cuddling in blankets with a cute movie to watch in peace. then i walk into the living room and what do i find? the Christmas tree! every year after thanksgiving (and at times even before) i bug my mom over and over again about getting to put the Christmas tree up. in my opinion, getting to decorate the Christmas tree is one of the best parts about Christmas. then we get to go through the millions of boxes of old pictures we have and change the picture we have on our ornament (cause we all have our own). it's so much fun. it really starts to feel like Christmas once i get to walk into the living room every morning and see it all decked out with lights and ribbons and whatnot. have i mentioned how much i love Christmas? because i really do think that should be articulated several thousand times and then some.

and you know what else made this morning perfect? while i was watching notting hill and it cut to commercial, i switched to VH1 to catch the top 20 countdown and the second i got to the channel GUESS WHAT STARTED PLAYING. just guess. THE VIDEO PREMIERE OF "WON"T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU." ahhhhhhhh! i didn't think they'd play it until later, but i guess i was wrong. i was so so so happy. maroon 5 tends to have that effect on me. this could possibly even have made up for the fact that i didn't get my weekly dose of a brand new office. possibly. sigh, if i could only go to their concert just once in my life...

anywho, i shall end this. the Christmas tree looks lonely. it needs some decorating love.

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