Friday, December 14, 2007


so i was out shopping today with my mom and sister and while my mom was paying for stuff me and my sister decided to go wait in the car. alyssa went out first and i stayed inside a little longer to look around more. when i walked out of the store, i saw her just standing outside the car with the door opened. why is she not getting in? i wondered to myself. as i got closer i kinda just looked at her funny and she was like..."dude". the utterance of that one word made it all the more confusing.

i got to the car door and went to open it. she was still standing there. i was still puzzled. i pulled on the handle and made it halfway into the car. why only halfway? because that's as far as my nostrils would allow. the inside of the car stank--BIG TIME. so the two of us just stood there, in the freezing cold, refusing to sit in the car.

so my mom comes out and sees her two daughters just standing there with the doors open and gives us the same look i gave my sister when i walked out. but alas, my mother has a cold. she could smell nothing. and let me tell you, this smell was strong. finally, my sister and i mustered up the courage to get in and endure the horrible stench for 7 minutes on the ride home. we kept the windows down and stuck our heads out like dogs. it must have been an interesting sight to see.

the smell was practically completely gone about 3/4 of the way home, but i was still hesitant to breathe. my sister and i have yet to find out how this mysterious smell has come about. i don't really care that much. just as long as i never have to smell it again. hopefully there's no skunk living in our car.

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