Tuesday, December 04, 2007

sick, meet boredom.

"nina, wake up. it's a quarter to seven."
i didn't move. more like i couldn't.
i heard my sister get up from her bed. i still didn't move.
the door opened.
"is she going to school today?"
"i don't know. she's not getting up."
the door closed.
i went back to sleep, then a while later i felt the right side of my bed sink down. my mom was sitting on the edge trying to wake me up.
"are you okay? are you going to school today?"
i opened my eyes and stared at her for a couple seconds. then mustered the strength to shake my head from side to side.
"okay," she said. then walked out of my room.

i woke up with a little pain in between my eyebrows, but the sun was shining happily through my windows. i didn't want to put my glasses on cause that'd just make the pain worse, so i strained my eyes to read the clock on the other side of the room. i could barely make out that the big hand was on the 6 and the little hand was barely above the 9. 9:30, i thought to myself. that means i'd still be in a math right now... suddenly my sickness didn't seem like such a bad thing anymore.

but as the hours wore on, i couldn't help but wish i was at school with friends doing something more then lying in my bed and watching my dog walk around, trying to find some entertainment of her own. it was nice having my first day off of school, but having a less than sufficient amount of human contact all day was getting to me. by twelve o'clock i had gone through four chapters of the scarlet letter, finished my division/classification paragraph on music, and even managed to do my french homework. if that doesn't show how ridiculously bored i was, i don't know what will.

anyway, i think it's time for me to get myself out of my bed. or maybe i'll do some more reading. who knows. hope your day was dandy. now stop reading this and do your homework.

(p.s. 20 days until Christmas!)

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