Thursday, December 06, 2007


i realized today people have really disgusting habits. well, one in particular. i was walking behind some freshman (i think) today and out of nowhere, what does he decided to do? spit. yes, he decided to eject his wonderful saliva out of his mouth and onto the ground i was about to walk on. i mean, really, kid? gee-ross. so for future reference, let's not spit anywhere within a 50,829 meter radius of athena. thanks. or, hey, maybe we could just not spit....ever! you can spit when you brush your teeth though. or if you eat something disgusting. i'll give you that much. see how much i care?

as for me, the most disgusting habit i have is...procrastination. it's nauseating really. i'll try and break that habit right now. if only for today.

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