Monday, December 03, 2007

hiccups, headache, homework, & hibernating.

hiccups. after i walked into french today, i kinda went into a hiccuping fit. have i ever mentioned just how annoying i think hiccups are? cause they're really really annoying. right when i got into my seat they started. i hiccuped and hiccuped, then held my breath and then....still hiccuped. so i held my breath some more, still hiccuped, drank some water, held my breath again, then more hiccups. this is seriously the most i've ever been frustrated by hiccups. they wouldn't go away!! finally after some more breath holding and water drinking, they went away, but then guess what i got?

a headache. i think cutting off the proper flow of oxygen to my brain caused this to happen, so i'm not exactly surprised. (darn you hiccups!!). i called my mom right after school so she could come pick me up and while i waited for her i laid on the benches in the parking lot area. the sun kinda made me feel better cause i was cold, but i just wanted to sleep. so, i got home at 2:00 and instead of sleeping i decided to do...

homework. why? i don't know. i think i figured that knowing i got homework out of the way early would help me sleep easier. (and wow, was i right). but while i was halfway through math homework, guess what decided to show up again. my hiccups! i wanted to shoot them. (but that wouldn't turn out very well cause technically if i shot them, i'd be shooting myself. and, well, i don't wanna die). anyway, they didn't last for very long, and i think i was too intent upon finishing my homework to really care as much anymore. so i finished homework at 3:30 (i know, right?!) and decided that i should do some...

hibernating. i was only planning on sleeping for an hour, so i set my alarm for 4:30 and, well, my alarm woke me up at 4:30 and i shut it off, but decided to lay there for a little while and....ended up sleeping for 2 more hours. usually when this happens i get really mad at myself cause i still have homework to do, but this time i didn't! yay. so basically from 3:30 to 6:30 i was shut off from the world, and i must say, it was very nice.

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