Monday, March 24, 2008

i wish i may, i wish i might.

"Athena Anduiza" (11:11:11 PM): wissh!
"Athena Anduiza" (11:11:14 PM): WHOAAA
"Athena Anduiza" (11:11:15 PM): cooool
"Shane Rayos Del Sol" (11:11:22 PM): HAHAHAHAH
"Shane Rayos Del Sol" (11:11:24 PM): YAY!!
"Athena Anduiza" (11:11:28 PM): DUUUDE
"Shane Rayos Del Sol" (11:11:29 PM): that totally goes into MY profile!!

it always makes me ridiculously happy when i do that. and it's only happened to me about three times. but still. for some reason i think it helps in making my wish come true. *sigh* a girl can dream...err...wish.


christina magalona said...

hahaha. what simple children.

kimlypv said...

haha. kudos.