Monday, March 10, 2008

so long, friend.

so yesterday, after i had finished all of my homework, i had this strange urge to organize my stuff. why? who knows. but i did. so i grabbed my binder off of the floor next to my bed and took a good look at it. i've had this binder since the beginning of the school year so it's been through a good 7 months of being thrashed around in my backpack and thrown onto the floor. i was surprised it hadn't fallen to pieces yet. although, it was very close. the edges of the binder were starting to come apart and papers were hanging out all willy-nilly. this thing was seriously stuffed to capacity (and then some). so seeing as it would be impossible for it to survive another 3 months of my torture, i did the only thing i could do. i switched binders.

i had gotten very accustomed to carrying this binder around and was kinda bummed that i had to resort to a plain white binder. it just wasn't the same. a thousand knick-knacks had accumulated in the front of my binder over the months and i realized i keep a lot of random/unnecessary things: a strip of paper with the date/time slot for my accounting presentation (a million months ago), a red five gum wrapper from jameson, another five gum wrapper from gaby (this one green), kathleen's birthday invitation from november (no idea how this even got on my binder), foil from a hershey's chocolate, a note from christine about letting me borrow her flash drive because i was having a bad day, and of course winter formal and sadies pictures that i got from people (which aren't unnecessary; there's just a lot. haha).

i may be loony, but i'm not a fan of the binder i'm using now. meh.

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jeffrey said...

I just finished switching out binders too!!! and MY new one is white! and I had tons of stuff in the front of mine TOO!!! We're like twins. :)