Thursday, March 27, 2008

the power.

today i noticed something very important. life-changing, if you will. something i knew i had in me, but never really fully controlled. and if i did, i was doing it without knowing. basically, i noticed that i have this uncanny ability to make myself happy whenever i want to. and it's not just some fake happy where i plaster on a smile and throw out a phony laugh to make it seem like i'm happy. if i want to be happy....i will be. simple as that.

for some people, they just can't seem to climb out of their depressed state of mind and would rather sulk in their misery than do anything else (which i can understand when it doesn't happen too often, but come on. every other day of your life? get over it, dudes). so i grant the world permission to be sad only on the third monday of every month, and only on that monday. why? i don't know. but i'm really tired right now and i can't think straight.

anyway, i should really exercise this power of mine to it's fullest extent. up until happiness beams come shooting out of my ears and into other peoples' brains. alright, that might be going a little too far.

i smell like bonfire :) goodnight.


Jeff said...

I couldn't stop smiling when I began reading this post. But by the end, I couldn't stop laughing! :) HAHAHA you're hilarious, In a good way :)

kimlypv said...

good gift. :)
i'm pretty jealous. haha.