Sunday, March 30, 2008


for hours (or so it seemed) she tossed and turned trying to get herself to sleep. usually, the nights are when she gets her best thinking done. but this time, she didn't want to think. she really just wanted to sleep. but her mind refused to relax. forcing it to shut down didn't do any good. it always won. she laid there and stared at the inside of her eyelids for the longest time. realizing she wasn't going to fall asleep anytime soon, she gave up.

she opened her eyes and stared into the dark abyss that was her room. her eyes weren't used to the darkness yet so she couldn't make out anything. slowly, her eyes began to adjust. she looked around the room. to the right, her sister sleeping soundly. she was very jealous of this. she moved and felt something near her side. she looked down and found her dog next to her, also sleeping soundly. this totally isn't fair, she thought to herself.

so she looked to her left, away from her envy. at first, everything was just black. then as the seconds passed, one by one, faces began to appear. they were all smiling down on her, either framed in black or stuck on a cork board. she took a deep breath and let it out. and with this breath her mind seemed to, as strange as it sounds, give a slight yawn.

after surveying the pictures for a little while longer, she rolled over on her stomach and tried once again to sleep. this time it worked.

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