Monday, March 10, 2008


without failure, every physics period gaby and i end up mentioning food to each other which results in us getting ridiculously hungry. one reason being because it's the period right before lunch and the other being that gaby and i just tend to eat a lot when we're around each other. i mean seriously, we leave jawor just to get food from stevens' down the hall during class (sadly, we're running low on food in the storage room).

anyway, today gaby mentioned that she wanted ice cream so that's what we ended up craving this time. we have something different every period. haha. so as bored as i was, with the help of the equally bored gaby and justin, i made a list of all of the foods i was craving or have been craving for a while. they were as follows:

pancakes. fries. gaby's snickerdoodles. chinese. mangoes. chocolate. ice cream. spaghetti. fish tacos. hot cheetos. starbucks. salad. nachos.

i then proceeded to write a huge "Done!" at the bottom because this list wasn't helping my appetite. wooo, fatties.

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