Sunday, March 16, 2008

studies show.

okay, most random thing ever...

so i was doing my homework in my room, apush to be exact, and i was working pretty well, but i had to go to the bathroom. i didn't wanna break my rhythm so i told myself that i wouldn't go until i finished my last statement. so i finished up the paragraph i was writing and walked to the bathroom. i was all the way in the bathroom and was practically an inch from shutting the door when i hear my dad go, "nina!" so i swung the door back open. then he goes, "make sure to get enough sleep." and in my head i'm like..."what?!??" and at the same time thinking "i have to use the bathroom, i have to use the bathroom, i have to use the bathroom......"

he continues on, "there are studies at berkeley that show lack of sleep can cause problems later on like diabetes." interesting. but, uh, i have to use the bathroom. so i laugh and close the door and right after i close the door he goes, "no, but really!" like i didn't believe him. haha. i just had to use the bathroom!

it's a good thing i go to sleep at 10:00 these days. woo, no diabetes for me. although, that bucket of sour punches might be a problem.


christina magalona said...

i saw that one! it was on 60 minutes!

your dad is a smart man.

kimlypv said...

mmmm.. =P