Sunday, March 09, 2008

saving daylight.

as i was sitting in my room doing homework, i heard something and looked outside my window. it was my neighbor's little kid riding his toy bike up and down the driveway. i watched him cruise by for a couple seconds then looked up at the sky. it was pretty. nice and bright with the sun all shining and stuff. i kind of spaced out for a little bit, complaining in my head about how today was the perfect beach day, but i was trapped inside to do school work. after staring at the sky for like five minutes i zoned back to reality. i turned back to my laptop and looked at the was 5:30. 5:30? 5:30?! since i like to talk to inanimate objects, i stared at the clock and said to it, "are you serious?" oh, it was serious.

obviously, i had forgotten today was daylight savings. it kinda bummed me out cause i lose an hour of sleep tonight, but oh well. we get more light! if i were my neighbor's kid, i'd be happy because i get more time to play outside before the porch light comes on. but being the cool, mature seventeen year old that i am....whatever, i get more time to play, too! :)


Dumuro said...
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JEFFREY said...

I love how it's still light outside when I come home from volleyball. I feel like I have more time to do homework.