Monday, March 10, 2008

message in a bottle.

to whomever this message reaches...

i am now in my own world. a world north of reality. sometimes even south. i realize i have been here my entire life. it has just taken me a while to get the obstacles out of the way so that i could clearly tell where i stand, where i am, who i am. and what have i discovered here?

i am an island of myself surrounded by oceans of love. surrounded by people that will carry me when i can't seem to carry the weight of this world anymore. surrounded by the passion and the drive to wake up every morning and live a life with no regrets. there is no looking back on this island. as much as i want to, the currents will simply push me forward.

but in this world, there are still days that are dry. days that i can't stand the heat, nights that i can't stand the cold. where do i go then? the oceans are quiet and i am alone. i pray and the wind comes, awakening the waters. they shower me with hope and i am no longer lonely. sometimes i forget i am never alone.

although i have my share of hardships, this message will contain no S.O.S. i am no vessel in need of saving. i have what i need.

signed, yours truly.


Jeffrey said...

WOW, you should be a writer. no joke. You are so good. that was deep...

christina magalona said...

inglesssss!! lmfao.

i'll be your genie in a bottle, baby. you can rub me the right way honey

...OR NOT!

no touchy :D

kimlypv said...