Saturday, March 22, 2008

a journey.

she watches as the days go by. one opportunity, two opportunity, three opportunity, four. now what? oh, look. a sign of hope. a smile, a pat on the back, a high-five for a job well done. but the feeling fades. she doesn't need a hand to give her a high five. she needs a hand to hold. what to do, what to do...

oh, look. a glimpse of the future. wait, it's blurry. what's that over there? it's a person...but she can't see the face. she knows who it is, but at the same time she doesn't. what's that? a big building. still blurry. people rush past her, bumping her out of the way. what is she doing here? this isn't familiar. it scares her. she sees a silhouette of seven people in the distance. they walk towards her. they're laughing; happy. who are they? can she join them? two of them look familiar. but who are the other five?

she's lost sight of her surrounding environment and trips on a pebble and scrapes her knee. a band-aid would be nice. maybe a hand to help her up. it's kind of pathetic. how did she trip over a pebble? it's the small problems that get her. they start out as pebbles, barely noticeable. then, as she continues to ignore them, they grow bigger, bigger. from pebble to rock, and from rock to bigger rock. then finally, a boulder. unable to be ignored any longer.

caught between a rock and a hard place. where to now?

five opportunity, six. nowhere to go but up. time to climb. higher, higher. the altitude makes her dizzy, but she can't stop. music reaches her ears. from where, she doesn't know. she listens. "in Him alone my hope is found. He is my light, my strength, my song. This Cornerstone, this solid ground..." she feels stronger now and pushes herself harder. finally, she reaches the top.

but where did the music come from? she looks around. she is alone. nowhere for the music to be coming from.

except from within her.


kimlypv said...

mmm...good writing. and this is one of the coolest pictures.

jeff said...

was that for fun, or for english fun! :)